Aug. 13, 2022

hairy tubetongue, Justicia pilosella

As soon as you enter Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, you are surrounded by color. That first stretch is formally planted, with eye-catching flowers everywhere. A photographer's dream! You have to start with the obvious, but after that you might spot this little plant. These little jewels looked more like a gardener's creation than something that would ever be wild. But a bit of research reveals that these are tough little guys. In their region, they are liable to grow almost anywhere. Hairy tubetongue is as likely to turn up in disturbed ground as it is in any natural area, and they bloom through most of the season. Hairy or Gregg's tubetongue grows in TX and NM. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, 4/17/22. Acanthus family, Acanthaceae.