Nov. 23, 2022

pinepink, Bletia purpurea

These beautiful orchids are about an inch and a half across, on stems a couple of feet high. Beautiful! Then looking them up, excitement! There's a sibling species twice as big! Disappointment! FNA tells us the only place those were found is now Miami. Their "persistence is doubtful". But look on the net, and more excitement! We CAN see Haitian pink, just go farther south. Then even more excitement! Bletia patula was just found at one spot in the Everglades. Anyway, back to the smaller ones. Pinepinks can be seen in damp pinelands and swamps in south Florida at almost any time of year. In this instance the folks at Big Cypress Preserve were very helpful. Collier Co FL, 1/25/13. Orchid family, Orchidaceae.