Aug. 25, 2018


Here's a reprise of water lettuce.  This and water hyacinth are like Aliens and Predators all at once.  We're going to kill this stuff on our volunteer work day on 9/1.  Too bad Sigourney Weaver won't be there to help.  Like all those horror films, we humans probably deserve our fate.  Some idiot probably dumped these into the Ives ponds.  Water lettuce reproduces so fast it can double its population in ten days.  By 9/1, we will have a lot more than the estimated 100 plants that were there this last Thursday.  Some are around nine inches across, and some are little green dots you can barely see.  Can we get them all?  Or will they attack, infest us, and burst out in some future nightmare?  Will any volunteers now show up?