Jun. 26, 2019


Pando is the name given to the largest known clone of quaking aspen, located in southern Utah.  Pando covers about 106 acres.  For size, Pando is rivaled only by a honey fungus in Oregon that may cover 2200 acres.  Or maybe not, since it is almost all underground, and it's hard to know if it's all one mushroom.  Another reason to not like mushrooms?  Is it kind of creepy to think of them down there where we can't see what they're doing?  Coming in our direstion with no warning.  An unknown presence until they peek above ground with their unpalatable or even poisonous cappy things!  They're probably in your lawn too!  There's something more honest about an organism that's mostly up here with the rest of us, like Pando.  Here's a look at some more aments, and the pale gray bark typical of aspen.