Jan. 24, 2020

Unexpected photo skills

All kinds of skills enhance your wildflower photography experience. This is a wild petunia. It's very rare in Michigan. The day I spotted the second known site was exciting. I also spotted that no-trespassing sign, but they were wild petunias! On my way out of those woods, I was confronted by a very angry hunter. He really didn't want the deer stirred up before the season. But my social work de-escalation skills kicked in. He calmed down, and I ultimately got some key information about who to get permissions from, and other good places to look. This came up today because I'm planning a trip to Texas. Yesterday I was advised to stick to the roadsides, and stay away from private property. I've never met my advisor, Joe, but he seems to know me well. Think I can de-escalate Texans?