Dec. 21, 2020

Politic panaceas

"Twas brillig . . . and shun the frumious Bandersnatch." Lewis Carroll, of course. The intersection of several things got me to thinking yesterday. First was a brillig crossword answer. Then a news item about an arrest in Houston. And then a CNN story about medical uses of hallucinogens. Finally, there is the panacea effect we've talked about here so many times. It all leads me to break the rule of no politics here. Except is it still politics when it not only follows Alice, but passes her by a considerable distance? The Bandersnatch of the story is a private investigator hired to follow a van for several days. The van carried 750,000 fraudulent Democrat ballots! Ultimately he forced it off the road, held the driver at gunpoint, and discovered a load of AC repair parts. He was hired by a rich herbal meds purveyor. That's where panaceas get into this story. I couldn't help but speculate about the intersection of faith in herbal meds which are so often panaceas, and believers in conspiracy theories. Anyway, the investigator is charged with assault, but the hallucinogenic fake ballot crusade goes forward.